The seeds of Holding Space were planted in a serendipitous moment when ideas aligned. After our first session of sharing thoughts, goals, and methods it became clear that we were heading in the same direction, and we would be stronger together.

The idea of Holding Space resonated with us immediately. From the beginning our vision for this venture has been one where we provide a safe space for exploration, joy, support and spirit.

A yoga journey is a deeply personal experience, and our goal is to have a place where everyone can walk their own path, encouraged and supported by the community we create together.

Holding Space is but the vessel, it is the people who step through the door that create the sacred space.


Ellie's yoga journey began during college when she got hooked on a 5:00am hot yoga class. She found a home in yoga, a place where the mind + body connected.

Ellie completed her 200-hour training through yogaspirit® with Lee-Ann Trigler at the Whitman Wellness Center in 2017. In her teaching Ellie focuses on sharing with others how mind, body + breath can connect + transform.

Ellie’s approach centers around moving yogic philosophy from the mat into real life, taking the peace and comfort of savasana into the “real world.” She helps her students turn yoga into a lifestyle, instead of an hour.



Nicole encourages her students to expand their practice through a process of self-discovery and playfulness.

First and foremost she approaches yoga as a time for joyous movement, to explore and appreciate the body's miraculous mobility. Asana is a time to try, to fall, to laugh and to grow.

Nicole specializes in yoga as cross training for athletes, showing them how to use a mind-body connection to achieve greater success in their primary sport. She also leads retreats to facilitate a deeper understanding of how movement of the body can align the spirit.